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In 1990 the rapid industrial growth in India both the Public & Private sectors M.SARKAR & BROTHERS, set up his own factory at industrial hubs of Howrah western outskirts in Kolkata with easy access to airport/rail/road and manufacturing all kinds of ‘INDUSTRIAL VALVES, COCKS,STRAINERS & CRITICAL SPARES’ on behalf of reputed project mftrs. in Kolkata & Howrah. Later on expanded activities M.SARKAR & BROTHERS manufacture various types of Industrial Valves & Strainers under his own Brand Name ‘OIO’..

In 2000 M.SARKAR & BROTHERS, diverted its Production to Specialised Class Approve Marine Valves from Industrial Valves. Set up own Non Ferrous Foundry and Developed a Series of Classified / Non Classified Marine Valves etc.

To meet the challenges of the new millennium in ‘Shipbuilding Industries’ M.SARKAR & BROTHRS renovated his mfg. capacities and set up a new ‘Non Ferrous’ plant where mfg. all kinds of DIN Standard Marine Valves viz. Butterfly Valves, Duel Plate Check, SDNR/SDSL,Storm,Gate,Fire Hydrant, Quick Closing, Storm, Pressure Reducing, ‘T’ & ‘L’ Port Plug Valve, Busket Strainer & Import Substitutes Valves with strict ‘Quality Assurance Plans’ covered with any kinds of ‘Classified Approved Inspection’.

Today ‘OIO’ can supply wide range of Valves in various types of materials of construction viz. Al. Bronze, Aluminum, Gun Metal, Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Fabricated in various range of valves viz. Butterfly, Dual Plate Check, Wafer Check, Multi Door Check, Air Cushion, Ball Float, Pressure Reducing, Safety,Knife Edge Gate,Hammer Blind, Zero Velocity,Sluice,Non Return,Globe,Right Angle, Diaphragm, Jacketed Plug Valves etc. and various types of Strainers from size 8mm to 2000mm Dia in all International standards.

‘OIO’ Brand products are also widely accepted in Atomic Energy, Shipbuilding, Petroleum & Refineries Sectors, Steel Plants, Cement & Fertilizer Plants, Power Plants, Hydal Projects, Chemical Plants, Cooling Tower, Central Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Plants etc. & General Engineering Industries as well as Public Health Engg. Deptts.

‘OIO’ Brand Products are also accepted by some Foreign Buyers either directly or through his valued clients. In house/Outside sources of Testing Labs & every stage of production from raw materials analysis to finished products inspection involve continues, quality checking and monitoring in every stage of ‘OIO’ products has set up to fulfill international quality of standards with the highest precision, speed and zero defects.

The top management team have keenly interested in producing high quality international standards products with the help of latest technology and skilled technicians. The best competitive prices with schedule delivery period are our key factors.